About Us

For over 35 years, Uras & Clinton Monuments have been a familiar sight at many of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania's most beautiful and historic cemeteries.

At Uras & Clinton Monuments we also offer stunning Mausoleums and Civic Monuments, detailed on-site lettering and engraving, as well as maintenance and repair. Via the phone, internet or in person, whichever route you find the most comfort in, any memorial or service can be purchased through an uncomplicated process with the help of one of our representatives.

On our staff you will find no salesmen. You will however, find artists, mothers, fathers, retired-school teachers and professionals. Simply put, our caring, qualified industry experts are there to help you make a low-pressure, well thought-out decision on memorializing your loved one. Ultimately, making the memorial purchasing process as easy and pain-free as possible is not only what we strive to do - it's our promise.